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Argon Argon is an inert gas and is universal welding product that is ideal for Tig and Mig welding, gas purging, and scientific equipment testing applications. Oxygen Oxygen is a gas and is used with Acetylene for welding, cutting and localised heating. Oxygen gas supports combustion and should always be stored away from flammable products and oil and grease. Nitrogen Nitrogen is an inert gas and has many uses such as gas purging, food packaging, winemaking, air tools, air conditioning and scientific equipment testing applications. Carbon Dioxide CO2 is an inert gas and is one of the most versatile gases, it has many uses for example beer and soft drink dispensing, gas purging, food packaging, welding, fire fighting, and scientific equipment testing applications. Balloon Gas Balloon Gas is an inert gas (Helium) is used for inflating balloons. Good quality balloons will last approximately 12 hours and six hours on a hot day over 25°C. Acetylene Acetylene is a highly flammable gas. Acetylene cylinders are filled with a porous material which carries the liquid acetone. However, this liquid converts to gas when it is released from the cylinder. Acetylene cylinders are used for fuelling gas or OXY-Acetylene welding, cutting, localised heating and flame hardening. Shield Mixes Shielding gases for Mig welding and used for over a wide range of steel thicknesses. Speciality Gases A variety of specialised gas mixes such as Alu and Stain Shield gases and laser mixes. Dry Ice



Shoe vegetable tanned leather scraps
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Vegetable tanned leathers black cowhide leather scraps and natural thickness 1.8/2.0 consist mainly of blanked shoulders and hips. many shoulders still whole, matched to the stock black cowhide clippings carton size three palms of hands. PACKAGING 500 kg pallet assorted THICKNESS: 1.8 to 2.2 variable PRICE: 5,00 EURO/KG. EXW FIRENZE In stock for immediate delivery. I would just say no, the price is NOT negotiable. The seller, or exporter, makes the goods available to the buyer, or importer at the seller's premises. The buyer is responsible for all transportation costs, duties, and insurance, and accepts risk of loss of goods immediately after the goods are purchased and placed outside the factory door. We can help you produce materials to make your business grow, our major activity is international trade with leather scraps and stock lot of leather... we can have all type of scraps that you want! We are looking for new contacts in Asia. I can offer 1x20 container every 5-6 weeks of cow leather scraps from shoes! PAYMENT: Seller accepts payment by all mayor Credit/Debit Cards check or money order. If paying by check or money order, I will need confirmation by My bank that funds have cleared before the press will be released for shipping.



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MEDICAL ABORTION SERVICES (NON SURGICAL ABORTION SERVICES) A GYNECOLOGIST OFFERING PREGNANCY SOLUTIONS SOUTH AFRICA The medical abortion pill can be delivered to your home with in 2-3 days (anywhere in south africa) fax or e-mail your scripts ( with address and contact details e-mail: [email protected] , fax: +2731-3054786, ask for more information, ( +27785875968 ) NB: Read the advert carefully and contact only if your ready Pregnancy solutions from R400 Pain free, Use pills, DXT, Tubes, The pregnancy pill,mifepristone and misoprostol) Free cleaning Cell 0785875968 How does pregnancy Pills work? Both pregnancy pills, mifepristone and misoprostol, are usually used in order to terminate a pregnancy. Mifepristone causes the embryo to detach from the uterus thereby cutting off essential nutrients and oxygen carried by the blood. Misoprostol is then taken two days later and triggers the evacuation of the embryo remnants through the female reproductive opening. This often appears as a heavy period. For all people in south africa, or if your unable to come to the clinic, we can offer postage services, and give clear instructions on how to use the pills but additional fees for postage are added to service fee. On line buyers are well come. Call only if your already to do extermination



A Leading Supplier of Super Quality Crane Hoists
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Hoist is one of the most important materials handling equipment that can attach with crane like a wire rope, chain, or belt to lift a load. Meeka machinery is one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of a superior range of industrial crane hoists that mostly used for lifting or lowering a load. At Meeka Machinery, we have wide range of high quality hoists to lifting various types of loads. • Power Travel Wire Rope Hoist • Base Mounted Hoist • Push-Pull Trolly Hoist • Fixed Suspension Hoist • Flame Proof Hoist • Double Rail type Hoist for Double Girder Cranes So contact Meeka Machinery for any material handling requirement and we assure you to provide highest quality product possible with our highly skilled and dedicated Website:- http://www.meekamachinery.com/products/hoist/4